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Lindsay Technical Consultants Inc.; electronic dental & medical claims clearinghouse; A speedy, reliable, simple & low cost method of processing insurance claims for dental & medical institutions. dental claims, medical claims, electronic claims, dental billing, medical billing, Lindsay Technical Consultants, electronic data interchange, EDI, healthcare, clearinghouse, claims clearinghouse, electronic billing, ECP, healthcare EDI, health insurance claims, insurance processing, CPSEDI, Envoy WebMD, all-payer


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Consultants, Inc.

Electronic Medical Claims Clearinghouse

Processing electronic medical claims since 1994, LTC offers you the most complete claims clearinghouse solution.
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42496 Lindsay Drive
North Mankato, MN 56003
Tel 507-947-3070
Fax 507-947-3077

Enrollment is FREE!
We have waived all enrollment fees and you are free to try out our service at no charge, without any contract to sign and no obligation to stay if you are in any way not satisfied with our service.

ERA 835 - Free Service - No Charge!
Many clearinghouses require a fee to forward ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice). Not so with LTC and in fact, we offer a free service to convert it to reader friendly Adobe .pdf format. Sign up with LTC and enjoy easy to read, printable or archivable ERA reports.

Patient Statements?
LTC is now offering a service for creating and sending your patient statements. We can clean them up and reformat any way you prefer.

Workers' Compensation Claims
LTC now specializes in these type of claims, while many other clearinghouses do not offer these connections at all.

Attachments: LTC now offers electronic attachments for Workmen's Comp claims as well!

ICD-10 Claim Creation Software
LTC is ICD-10 diagnosis code compliant. If your software is not up to date to handle it, you can switch to LTC and use our Medical Direct online claim creation tool in the mean time or as a primary claim creation tool!



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